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        • SEX... from Good to Great!
          n you remember...
          what it was like to have
          GREAT sex?

        • Free of anxiety, pain or shame?

        • Good sex is
          good for your health!


        • Sexual Relational Therapy
        • Sexual Psychotherapy
        • Relational Therapy
        • Bio-Feedback Training
        • EMDR Trauma Therapy
        • Sexual Edution & Counselling for Teens & Children

        Top 5 Reasons to Choose Bayridge
        1. 25 years of experience
        2. A Large Multi-disciplined Team
        3. Covered by Extended Health re
        4. Therapist that specialize in focused areas
        5. An interactive online program

        A satisfying sexual relationship is worth working for. However, there is no doubt it will take effort. It only takes a bit of work. You are not afraid of a little work, are you?

        Reclaim Your Sexuality

        It is more than sex... it is intimacy! Sexual energy is a very powerful force in our lives. It n pull us together but it also n drive us apart.

        More About Greater Intimacy

        Sex therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy and couple therapy. It marries the strategies of emotional and relational dynamics with the sexual patterns...

        More About Sex Therapy

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        We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area now for over 25 years. Our team is composed of medil doctors, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, psychotherapists, addiction specialists, child and adolescent counsellors, coaches, mood disorder specialists and pastoral counsellors.

        Our centre is recognized as a clinil training facility for several colleges and universities throughout Ontario. More than a few members of the team are also serving as faculty professors in universities and colleges.

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